Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Pope Is In SHOCK That Belgians Aren't Paying Due Deference To Priestly Child Rapists


Lucky for the Belgians the Nazi Pope has no divisions. The monstrous old bitch is fit to be tied-- and wants revenge. In case you've never heard Howie's Theory Of Religion, let me run that by you real fast before we get to the latest attempts by the Vatican to protect what their employees insist is a hard-earned perk of their jobs-- access to the innocent young bodies of their parishioners' children.

Back even before John McCain was born, life was very hard and brutal-- even more so than in Afghanistan today in some ways (not counting the predator drones). Imagine if you had to leave the relative safety of the communal cave every day with a bunch of smelly, grunting Neanderthals and a knobby club you made from a tree and go hunt some animal you could eat-- one that could well be as eager to eat you. Anyone with any amount of natural guile would look for a way to play hooky as fast as possible. Problem of course was obvious. If you didn't join the hunt for the clan's daily bread, you could starve. No one likes a parasite. What to do, what to do...

And then religion was born. Some guile guy got the idea that he could persuade a bunch of dumb Neanderthals he could hear voices from a stone or channel a message from a dead ancestor or a sacred flame. It worked. He didn't have to work anymore! They went out and hunted the saber-toothed tigers and he stayed home and invented tricks to explain what happened to the hunter Smilodon ate for lunch. Much warmer and safer in the cave-- and those nice little children he was left to take care of...

Anyway, there has been so much progress since then. In fact, social parasites have almost completely taken over society. And the chief of one of the biggest, best organized and most richly adorned of the parasitic guilds makes sure that that "special perk" keeps the mostly mentally-deranged applicants coming. So you can only imagine Ratzinger's furor when the damned Belgians-- a country with barely more divisions than his own-- had the temerity to do what other nations, including our own of course, only give lip service to-- putting an end to the age-old relationship between religionistic parasites and defenseless young children.

The incident that so offended Ratzinger happened last week, June 24th at 10:30 AM, to be precise-- at the residence of the Archbishop of Malines-Brussels, where 9 Roman Catholic bishops were gathered for their monthly meeting. Police and court officials barged in just as the meeting was getting started and announced they would be searching the joint because there were credible allegations made that cases of sexual abuse had taken place there. All the princes and princesses of the Church had their mobile phones confiscated; documents were seized, and the bishops, who have always been treated as though they were above the laws of mere mortals-- that's convenient when you're running a criminal operation; it's like Congress-- were all interrogated. No one was tortured. This is, after all, Belgium, not the Inquisition or the U.S. The bishops have been shrieking about the indignity of it all-- the media having been informed in advance-- and claiming that that the tombs of Cardinals Jozef-Ernest Van Roey and Léon-Joseph Suenens, were violated. The Church is astonished, outraged and even contemplating suing Belgium.

This weekend Ratzinger was on the attack.
Once again proving his startling lack of concern over the main point, Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out against what he is calling ‘deplorable’ police actions, after authorities raided a Belgian church believed to be part of the ongoing child abuse allegations.

The church was part of a fresh wave of allegations, in which several priests are believed to have abused children, or have known about the abuse of children.

Computers and accounts were taken, phone records requested, and the church swept for evidence.

“I want to express, dear brother in the Episcopate, as well as to all the Bishops of Belgium, my closeness and solidarity in this moment of sadness, in which, with certain surprising and regrettable methods, searches were carried out including in the Malines cathedral and in the premises where the Belgian episcopate was meeting in plenary session,” he was quoted by the Telegraph as saying in a message that appeared in a Vatican publication.

His anger is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

So far, the investigation into decades of child abuse, and the possible cover-ups by prominent members of the Church, has been met with a significant amount of waffling, pointing fingers, and outrage by a papacy that is appearing more and more corrupt.

While the serious allegations of child rape are showing recent accounts, and the church and priests were treated in the same way that anyone would be in a raid, the Pope has called the actions “deplorable” and “unexpected."

"Unexpected" indeed-- and we're not just talking about Belgian waffles here. Imagine if the Belgians get away with treating the high status parasites like ordinary criminals and governments no longer ignore their crimes and their coverups, and stop allowing them to have safe havens right in the middle of our cities and towns! No telling where it could lead next. There could even be a day far in the future when these guys have to go get real jobs like everyone else-- and deal with their psychiatric dysfunctions without victimizing... the guileless.

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At 6:35 PM, Anonymous mediabob said...

Howie, what would it take for us, the U.S., to contemplate the same thing? I'm frustrated this coverup is not getting the traction that's needed to effect action. As you point out, we can't ask our Congress to intercede - they're just as complicit.

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Catholicked said...

"Civil law concerning reporting of crimes to the appropriate authorities should always be followed," Vatican guidelines now read.

Face the facts, Benny baby. Those guideliness mean that whether the crime is reported by the clergy or by some "civilian," it'll be investigated the same way.

Sorry to tell ya, Popey Sweetie, but the days when the cops would just call you up and tell you that silly old Father McBugger was at the kids again, and you could just say "Oh, thanks! We'll handle it," and nothing else would be done ... ?

Those days are OV-AH !

At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Bil said...

Smokin Howie.

The sooner these guys in dresses and red shoes get thrown in JAIL with some perpetrators who know how to welcome and appreciate child sex offenders, the better...amen.

I would like to hear Sarah Silverman's solution for pedophile catholic priests and those who concealed their crimes in addition to moving them from country to country, here's her solution for world hunger...SELL THE VATICAN!

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous me said...

Fuck the pope. Fuck the entire Catholic Church. Fuck religion.


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