Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And then there was one: Who's gonna harmonize now with Sen. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig?


Our Larry (2nd from left), "the last Singing Senator left standing, or
sitting, or whatever"--with former warblers (l-r) Trent, John, and Jim

To grasp the true significance of breaking news, some people look to those "news analysis" sidebars in the NYT or Washington Post, or scour the op-ed pages, or wait for the Sunday-morning D.C. TV gabfests. Whereas we try to remember to get "In the Loop" with the Post's Al Kamen, who once again rises to the occasion today, getting to the bedrock importance of Trent Lott's impending departure from the Senate:

Without Lott, the Singing Senators Are of One Voice

Sen. Trent Lott's resignation announcement Monday stunned the political cognoscenti, but the rationale seems pretty obvious. Lott (R-Miss.), 66, needed to cash in before he got much older. Being GOP whip isn't much of a job when you're in the minority and prospects are not good for a change in that status anytime soon.

The true significance of Lott's departure is that it leaves Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) as the last Singing Senator left standing, or sitting, or whatever.

The barbershop quartet, formed in 1995, stopped performing when baritone John Ashcroft lost his seat to a dead Democrat in 2000. Shortly thereafter, then-Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont bolted the party. And now bass Lott is soon to be out.

This leaves tenor and lead singer Craig -- who for now says he's quitting next year -- going solo, unless he wants to recruit some replacements.

It's the biggest musical breakup since the legendary Ben E. King left the Drifters.

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At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Bil said...

THANKS Kenny. The shortest post I recall ever from you and SO much material left (perhaps appropriately) on the table...

-WHO would Larry recruit?
-HOW will he test their vocal skills?
-WHAT will their Frist, oops first song be?
-IF Larry goes solo, WHAT will that solo be? (I offer up "It Ain't Necessarily So" from Porgy and Bess).

"they tell all yo chillen, the devil's a villian, but tain't necessarily so............."

At 4:19 PM, Blogger keninny said...

Hats off, Bil!

I'm in a more reflective mood, looking back to the time when our Larry was the least-known of the Singing Senators. Now he's achieved the kind of immortality you get only by . . . oh wait, is that a piece of toilet paper there on the floor? Just let me bend down a moment and . . . whoops!


At 7:29 PM, Blogger TRex said...

I have a little paean to Lott and Craig going up over at my new place tonight, Ken. You should come by.

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Bruce said...

Sometimes a microphone is just a microphone. Other times it is so much more!


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